About Us

The Bglobal Studies program mission is to “train leaders to transform society” while serving where God has called them to serve.  One way we do this is by placing students for short journeys “in country and on ground”.

Participants will:

  • Interact with kingdom companies and social enterprise
  • Develop their Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Experience societies being transformed

We process each journey through the GBLC SSEE Transformation Framework. The framework looks at SocialSpiritualEconomicEducational issues as seen through various cultural filters. 

We invite you to:

  • Discover the ways our world’s changing through the integration of economics, education, social and spiritual transformation.
  • Explore your kingdom fit and mission in our changing world.
  • Interact with international leaders who are creating changing in their world.
  • Develop Cultural Intelligence as you are exposed to the global community.
  • Create a personal plan to transform yourself, family, work and community.

The Bglobal Studies trips are built to accredited academic standards, and offer students full undergraduate or graduate credit.  Email us to see if credit is available through your university.