• Israel

    No trips currently scheduled

    Modern Holy Land

    ✤ Experience the intersection of the world’s leading religions:  Christianity, Judaism & Muslim
    ✤ See rebirth of nation from agricultural Kibbutz to Tech power
    ✤ Will Israel continue to thrive amongst Arabian lands.  Walk the land of Abraham and Jesus


  • United Arab Emirates

    January 10 - 19, 2020

    Multi-Cultural Unified Country

    ✤ Explore the power of vision to transform in this young country
    ✤ See the exchange of ideas and spiritual values in kingdom businesses
    ✤ Experience a meeting point where people and culture impact global trading


  • Czech Republic

    May 10 - 19, 2019

    Emergent Central Europe

    ✤ Witness the fall of Communism and rise of capitalism
    ✤ Walk the medieval streets of Prague and feel the city’s religious past
    ✤ Will Czech claim her opportunity to be a gateway from Western to Eastern Europe?  Come with us and discover Czech for yourself


  • Finland

    No trips currently scheduled

    Northern Education

    ✤Be immersed in Finnish classrooms and see their educational system first hand
    ✤ Explore the culture of Finland and the beauty of its surroundings
    ✤ Optional excursions include a 24 hour Artic Circle cruise 


  • Hong Kong

    January 11 - 20, 2019

    Far Eastern Culture

    ✤ Visit a financial and transportation hub of Asia
    ✤ Learn about international business and faith from businesses making transformations
    ✤ Explore some of South Asia and one of the world's largest cities and trading ports