The Leaders

Dr. Robert Simpson
Experience the Czech Republics’ change from communism to becoming a rapidly developing economy.  As one of the most secularized countries in the world, see application of faith at work and its impact on the the country.




The Experience
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Experience History in the Making
Just over 20 yrs old, Czech is a young republic. You will witness the fledgling rebirth of a nation.

From Faith the Secular Society
Once the seat of the Catholic Pope and home of Protestant Reformer Jan Hus, now with less than 1% evangelical Christians, Czech is considered one of the most secular nations on earth.

Communism to Capitalism to Entrepreneurism
Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia, was considered a crown jewel within the soviet sphere of influence. The Czech Velvet Revolution is cited as a contributing factor of the fall of communism & learn about the emergence of the entrepreneurial spirit in The Czech Republic from emerging entrepreneurs and innovative companies.


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The Details


Global Forum Costs
Land & Air: $3,299 (air from ORD)* If paid by 9/15/19
Land & Air: $3,500 (air from ORD)* If paid by 10/24/19

Ten Days & Two Cities
You’ll visit the two major urban hubs of the modern Czech Republic, Prague & Brno.

Prague is the beautiful capital with western European feel.  As the seat of Czech government and culture it serves as a cross road for western and eastern Europe.

Brno is Czech’s second largest city.  Home to inventors and scientist like Ernst Mach (speed of sound) and Johan Mendel (founder of genetics).

*Costs are based upon student pricing/double occupancy (add $600 for private room). Costs do not include university credit fees. Costs are estimated until final trip itinerary & air flights are determined. 

Future Trip Dates TBA