The Leaders

Dr. Robert Simpson Experience the interplay of faith and career as no other place on earth can evoke. Gain insight of how Israel transformed into a ‘startup nation’.

Claudia C Simpson As westerners our Greek influenced thinking is low context; we see truth as independent of situation. Easterners are high context, truth to them depends on circumstances. Israeli society is high context. As eastern thinking grows globally, learn how thinking perspectives are important for healthy business relationships.




The Experience
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Experience the Story of the Bible Walk where Jesus lived out his ministry. From Galilee to Jerusalem, put Jesus’ Story into context for renewed belief and understanding.

Cross road of the World No land has been more contested than the small territory of Israel. From Abraham’s time to Netanyahu, discover the majesty of Israel.

Startup Nation In only 60 years, Israel has transformed from a struggling agricultural Kibitz to a world economic wonder and tech powerhouse. Come see how!


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The Details

Global Forum Costs
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Estimated cost is $4,450-$4,700*

Ten Days & Three Regions You’ll visit the three major regions of this tiny nation (size of NJ):

The coast from Tel Aviv to Haifa is a booming tech belt. Northern region in & around Galilee, is simpler economics of agriculture and tourism. Home to powerful Christian heritage, ripe for new Israeli entrepreneurism.

Then there is Jerusalem. At 10% of 7.7 million people, Israel’s capital is it’s largest city. Nestled in Judean hills & West Bank, Jerusalem bears brunt of int’l controversy. Three religions, one city; Religious historical tension ooze from Jerusalem’s streets. With strong universities and growing business sector, Jerusalem highlights this trip.

*Costs are based upon student pricing/double occupancy. Costs do not include university credit fees. Costs are estimated until final trip itinerary & air flights are determined. ‘Land Only’ packages may be available. Application completion and payment in full must be made by deadline date. 

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