The Leaders

Kevin D Harris
Kevin has established global leaders network throughout dynamic and emerging economies globally and hosted over 60 China CEOs and business owners in New York. A fellow at the University of Tennessee, he is a part of Russel Reynolds Associates and a Board Member of Global Business Leadership Center.  Bio Here

Dr. Robert Simpson
In Shanghai you will have the opportunity to network with  global leaders who are working in China, but are transforming society through their global organizations and their personal influence. 

Learn from these leaders of social, spiritual, economic and educational organizations who are impacting our interconnected world. 

Partnership Schools

Bglobal Studies exclusively offers the Shanghai global forum to our partnership schools:



An Immersion Experience

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Global Market Transformation
Bglobal Shanghai Summit

China is an emerging center of more then manufacturing capacity. It is a burgeoning center of commerce, technology, and AI affecting every industry of global business and reaching consumers like never before. Any future executive will not be equipped to lead the global marketplace without understanding the innovation and transformation that is rapidly changing China’s position in the global marketplace. This is an opportunity to get an primer on just how small the world really is and why no business education is complete without experiencing China.

Explore their Growth

The GBLC will bring what established companies are doing to gain global relevance in this turbulent time. But more importantly investment and private capital is flowing in china like never before spawning innovative ventures that are changing the Global landscape today and making China a projected global market leader by 2030. China’s combination of government policy and the growth of private enterprises have increased China’s influence on the global market today but its future potential is what must be explored by every business school to give future leaders a competitive education.


The Details

Global Forum Costs
Land Only: $1,825**

Air not included. You must fly out by 8/15/19 to arrive in Shanghai by 8/16/19. 

Fly home 8/21/19 or EXTEND YOUR TRIP to Beijing and the Great Wall of China (arrangements on your own). 

5 Days
Visit one of China’s political and economic hubs:

Shanghai  is seen as China’s financial capital, the home to hundreds of global companies and a key driver to China’s economic growth.

**Costs are based upon student pricing/double occupancy. Costs do not include university credit fees. Costs are estimated until final trip itinerary are determined. Application completion and payment in full must be made by deadline date. 



Future Trip Dates TBA