The Leaders

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Skot Welch
It is imperative for participants to grapple, from a faith perspective, with the notion of a very complex marketplace where injustices are still very obvious but where hope, determination, and the entrepreneurial spirit are just as obvious

Dr. Robert Simpson
Few nations have survived such radical transformation in government, economy, and culture as South Africa. That the economy thrives is testimony to the moral leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of many black African leaders. So there are few case study laboratories to equal this one as a place to observe and learn what it means to make one’s career a mission and calling.




The Experience
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Entrepreneurs & Poverty
South Africa is making great strides to equip the formerly disadvantaged as entrepreneurs transforming them into self-sustaining members of society.

Training and Education
Global companies and social organizations are equipping formerly disadvantaged persons with entrepreneurial skills and startup resources to become self-sustaining.

Global Kingdom Companies
Faith based companies are working to provide jobs for communities and to make an impact through education and awareness of key social issues like poverty and aids.


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The Details

Two Cities & Mini-Safari

Cape Town is a modern city that demonstrates South African effort is paying off by becoming an economic success and major financial center for the entire African continent.

Johannesburg is a political hub of South Africa and home to noble prize winners Nelson Mandela and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. Jo-berg shows hope as it equips entrepreneurs in places like SOWETO.

Safari – enjoy a mini safari, where you have the opportunity to see God’s magnificent creation in its natural setting.

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