Trip Details

Country: United Arab Emirates

Year: 2018

# of Participants: 16

Companies Visited: Ken Gile, COO of Fly Dubai; 3M Innovation Center Tour; Reed Smith Law Firm; Dubai Internet City; Andrew Doust, Australian Investment manager Founder & CEO of Plenitude Partners; Andrew Thompson, author of Jesus of Arabia: Christ through Middle; Wael Qahoush, Vice President of the Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi, Washington DC NA headquarters

Sites Seen: St. Andrews Church; “Dinner on a Dow Boat” (The Persian Gulf & Abu Dhabi skyline); Shiekh Zayad Mosque Tour; ECC Friday Service:; Dubai Museum; Markets (Souks); Dubai waterfront; Dubai Mall; Mall of Emirates (Indoor Ski); Dubai Mall (Scuba Diving); Burj Khalifa Observations Deck; Global Village

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  • Israel

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    Modern Holy Land

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    ✤ See rebirth of nation from agricultural Kibbutz to Tech power
    ✤ Will Israel continue to thrive amongst Arabian lands.  Walk the land of Abraham and Jesus


  • United Arab Emirates

    Future Trip Dates TBA

    Multi-Cultural Unified Country

    ✤ Explore the power of vision to transform in this young country
    ✤ See the exchange of ideas and spiritual values in kingdom businesses
    ✤ Experience a meeting point where people and culture impact global trading


  • Hong Kong

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    Far Eastern Culture

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    ✤ Learn about international business and faith from businesses making transformations
    ✤ Explore some of South Asia and one of the world's largest cities and trading ports


  • Czech Republic

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    ✤ Witness the fall of Communism and rise of capitalism
    ✤ Walk the medieval streets of Prague and feel the city’s religious past
    ✤ Will Czech claim her opportunity to be a gateway from Western to Eastern Europe?  Come with us and discover Czech for yourself