Rob Simpson

team leader

Dr. Robert Simpson

Hometown: Holland, MI
Trip: Israel
Degree: PhD
Profession: Bglobal Studies, Founder;
Cornerstone University, Associate Provost


My Experience

In Israel, the unique blend of faith and work is woven into much of society. While many organizations and businesses operate from one of three faiths: Jewish, Muslim or Christian, immigration in the last 15 years is changing the landscape of the country. The diverse cultural backgrounds of immigrants has contributed to the development (and changes) of the Israeli culture. It now reflects cultural trends and changes from around the globe.

From the economic side, Israel’s success is highlighted in books like Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. Also, according to the Economic Strategy Institute, “Israel’s economic performance over the past decade has been impressive. The combination of recent structural reforms and huge investments in R&D has led to a high-tech boom.”

Exploring Israel today is a learning experience where we can see how faith is applicable to every aspect of life, especially during this economic boom. We can also see society being transformed through economic growth, spiritual exploration and the shifting political climate.