Sandra Upton


Sandra Upton

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Trip: CQ Training
Degree: PhD
Profession: Dean of Business, Cornerstone Professional & Graduate Studies



My Experience

The Bglobal experience is one of the most significant venues we use to develop the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of business students and enhance this learned capability. CQ is critical to their success in today’s global martketplace and is a top priority in our programs.

One of my roles before participants depart on the journey is to allow them to take the only academically validated CQ Assessment, which gives them an understanding of their level of CQ. During the experience, students are exposed to multiple cultures around the world and are challenged to engage with people in ways that are different from their own culture. The culmination of the experiences allows participants to reflect on how CQ gives them an edge and helps position them to be effective kingdom global leaders impacting the world.

According to the Price Waterhouse Coopers 2011 Global CEO Study, developing a globally astute workforce is #1 on the agenda of the majority of CEO’s surveyed. These leaders also noted that skilled employees with an ability to work effectively in multiple cultures is as valuable to a CEO as the employee’s technical expertise.