Scott McFarlane


Scott McFarlaneScott McFarlane

Hometown: Greenville, IL
Trip: China
Degree: MBA
Profession: Managing Director, Compass Global Consulting



My Experience

God is actively pursuing every individual all over the world, and I see business as one piece of the puzzle. God is raising up business people all over the world with a right theology of work and the challenge of the creation mandate to steward all that God has entrusted to us; which includes our relationship with customers, clients, colleagues, as well as material wealth. Seeking to serve those around you with humility and grace, and to give generously and sacrificially to effective ministries is the daily challenge.

Participants in the China global experiences are able to see society being transformed through companies operating from a missional business model. I have been deeply encouraged by my friends in the US, China, India, and Switzerland, as they serve their customers and employees with integrity, excellence and a servant’s heart. We will learn from the rich history of China and see lives being changed through economic stimulus, the changing political environment, and spiritual transformation.