Prepare to be a global influence by:  

  • Seeing what’s transforming societies
  • Building your Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Discovering your life calling

Challenging Times for Travel

For nearly 20 years, Bglobal Studies has been leading global immersion experiences where more than 1,500 students have learned from business, social, education and religious leaders who are serving where God has called them to serve. Students have seen how societies are being impacted and how they can become part of this transformation. They have explored the interaction between their faith and calling.

With these changing times, we have decided to pause our overseas immersion experiences for the time being, but we are very excited to share with you a new experience- Equity Experience, a program which provides a comprehensive set of tools and services that work together to enable individuals, teams, leaders, and policymakers to make lasting change within workplaces and communities. Begin your experience today!


Global Trips